May 31, 2007

Lessons from a Five-Year-Old

I am at my parent's home in Michigan this week. With two weekends in a row of Michigan-related activities (camping and a wedding), I decided it best to take the week off instead of spend it in transit. And since I had nothing planned during the week, I was able to fill in babysitting duties of my nephew Jordan.

Here is what I learned today from Jordan:
- A Lego shark will float in water but a Lego snake will not.
- A dragon drawing isn’t complete until you add the scales.
- In Playstation 2 Lego Star Wars, you need to shoot at plants to get the gold and silver coins.
- Flat Stanley likes to read stories.
- It is more fun to throw toy cars over a sprinkler than it is to play in it.
- Jared’s beetle isn’t where they buried it any more.
- “And they didn’t kill anyone” is a happy ending to a good story.

1 comment:

Jordan Frei said...

Lego sharks sink if their mouths are open.

You also get blue coins in the plants when playing Star War Legos