May 31, 2007

A Road Traveled

After a weekend of roughing it in a tent, I found myself Monday night lounging on my parents couch channel surfing. Seeing as their TV is an LCD flat screen and mine has tin foil as an antenna, it was enjoyable to sit and flip mindlessly.

Only somewhat to my surprise, I found myself mesmerized my a documentary of the last days of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. She was the condom-wearing, outspoken rapper of the 90s girl group TLC. I remember when she died years ago thinking how crazy that of all the ways for her to die it was in a car accident in Central America. Now, having been to Central America myself, I was a little more curious to see how it was she spent her last days.

On my, Sara and Kristin’s Honduran adventure, we spent three days on the north coast of Honduras in Sambo Creek, a small village just outside the larger resort town of La Cieba. I was a little shocked to see La Cieba, Honduras as the place where most of the documentary was shot. However, I was speechless when they showed the last five minutes of Lopes' life. She turns the camera and says, “Hey let’s go down to Sambo Creek and shoot some of the vibe there.” Minutes later, she is shown driving very serenely down the road. There is a slight yelp and the camera pans to show the car swerving off the side of the road. Then it goes blank.

The road they were traveling on was the same road Sara, Kristin and I took countless times as we came and went during our three days on the Honduran north coast. I, of course, did not know this at the time we were driving - none of us did. But it is a little cool and a little creepy now to think we passed by that spot countless times without even knowing it bore any significance.

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bcj. said...

I caught a few minutes of that documentary, the part where she was talking about torching her ex-boyfriend's house. Was interesting. Perhaps I'll catch a rerun at some point.

Are we going to see you Sunday night?