October 10, 2007

Disconcerting Spelling

You know how sometimes you know you know a word because you hear it more than you spell it. Yet every time you spell it, it you spell it the same way because it is the way you know you heard it? And then sometimes spell check tells you your wrong? I do.

The other day I was composing an email to an attorney at work and before I sent the email it automatically began to spell check. It got to the word disconcerning and said it was wrong. I thought, “No way. How else would you spell that?” Well it turns out you spell it disconcerting. Yeah, that’s pretty much a different word.

Here are some other words spell check has corrected me on time and time again: hilarious (I thought halirious), category (catagory) and voluminous (voluminuous).

It’s a wonder I’m no longer in journalism.

*By the way, I checked my blog today and found it funny that I have not updated since I said my time freed up due to trial postponement. That is only because I've actually been able to do things I'd hadn't for a while.


kelsalynn said...

Try having the name "Kelsa" and having spell check pop up automatically everytime you try to send an email. It's awesome, I love it.

And who knew disconcerning was actually with a "t". Geez...I'm going to go around correcting people with my newfound wisdom now.

happygirl said...

I always go back and forth between surprise and suprise....can never figure out if the first r is suposed to be there or not. There is another one too-shoot I forget, and I use it all of the time! ok, well this comment sucks cuz I can't even remember the word I was thinking of! :p

oh, I Remembered! it's "definitely"...for the longest time I could not spell that word, but I type it all of the time, so I forced myself to learn. gosh, I hope I spelled it right here!