October 22, 2007

Someone Told Me!

There is a fabulous, intelligent and witty program on NPR I have only been able to catch one time. Months ago, I was house sitting for a friend in the burbs. I was driving her car, running errands and came across the program "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me." It's an hour-long news quiz program that features topical questions, a panel of comedians and hilarious answers. It was so funny, I actually found myself not wanting to exit the car to finish my errands. The program stuck with me, but I hadn't heard it since that one time.

When this month's Chicago Magazine came out, I once again stumbled across "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" - this time in print. There was an article about the host, Peter Segal's, new book "The Book of Vice." In the article, I learned the program airs on WBEZ 91.5 FM on Saturdays at 10 a.m. and Sundays at 9 a.m.

Very excitedly, this Sunday morning I plugged in my old boom box circa Christmas 1998. I tuned to Chicago Public Radio and heard the morning's top news stories. NPR has phenomenal news programming, but I really wanted to hear "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" for a second time. I then did something I maybe should have done a long time ago. I used Google. Not long after I found the show's Web site did I see a link to the its latest broadcast. So not only could I listen to the show I missed, I could listen to the show whenever I wanted.

And I share this because I think you all should too.


kelsalynn said...

You didn't google it sooner because you just got your laptop to be able to google things... I'm glad you found it! I think that's great. I have a very similar news/radio show story but I will email you about it!

bcj. said...

You know, we could go catch a live taping of this show downtown. That'd be fun.