July 8, 2008

Moroccan Lessons

Here are a few things I learned while in Morocco (with visual aids!):

I learned that Snoop Dog is popular in Morocco. Too bad his Moroccan fans can't spell this name. We later saw more graffiti that said "Snop Dog."

I laerned that cats are everywhere in Morocco. Most of them have fleas and are approximately one-eighth the size of Oscar.

I learned that doing laundry in the sink is a decent alternative to a washing machine and dryer. This photo was taken on day seven of the trip, about half way through and about time to clean my undies.

I learned that Morocco has Roman ruins.

I learned that no matter how hard I knock, the king will not answer his palace door.
I learned that without the aid of a skilled guide, I could have never found my way out of the souks of Marrakesh.

And lastly, I learned that Morocco has some pretty amazing sunsets.

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