July 22, 2008

Weekend Activities

My nephews came to visit me this past weekend. As usually happens when they come into town, my sister had their schedule packed full of activities before they even hit the streets of Chicago.

The boys did a lot in one weekend, but I think I know one thing that they might talk about more than others. Was it their afternoon at the Shedd Aquarium? No. Was it their trip to Buckingham Fountain? Don't think so. Was is the slam dunk, double header of the Lego and Hershey stores downtown followed by a local deep dish pizza joint? Maybe, but probably not. On Saturday they went bowling, played in the park near my house and went to Navy Pier for the weekly Saturday night fireworks. I am sure they enjoyed all of these things, but I don't think they'll quite measure up to seeing my neighbor passed out in the stair well.

That's right. When they arrived back at my apartment Saturday night, sleeping on the landing between my second and his third floor apartment was my neighbor... snoring.

When the nephews went down to Navy Pier Saturday night, I opted for some quiet time at Mike's place. My sister and the boys beat me back to my apartment. As I walked up the stairs, I could hear the hushed excitement of the boys when they told me, "Aunt Amy! Your neighbor is asleep on the stairs!" The boys were quieter than usual, careful not to wake my intoxicated neighbor, but their laughter erupted when they got inside my apartment. Although, I don't think their noise level would have mattered. Clearly if he couldn't make it the extra 10 steps to his apartment, noise wasn't a factor in his sleeping location. (For those of you concerned yes, he was back in his place by the morning. The nephews checked.)

Now I hope this won't be the only thing they remember from their Chicago weekend, but something tells me this is the kind of thing a six- and eight-year-old boy would be more than happy to tell many a person. Maybe, just maybe, though they'll tell grandma and grandpa about their fun time at the park making Aunt Amy run their ninja warrior courses on the jungle gym.

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Anonymous said...

You know it could only be a small step from being a bag lady on the streets of Chicago to sleeping in stairwells! Just kidding! Love from your Aunt D.