September 16, 2009

I'm Done Now, I Swear

I am afraid if I post many more vacation photos this blog is going to become something I don't want it to. Something that resembles a slide show your Aunt Mabel used to make you sit through of her vacation to Mount Rushmore. I don't want to do that to you all. You deserve better.

But I did promise more, so here they are - the very last of my favorite California photos. After this, I promise I'm moving on to different topics.

These are the remainder of the photos that will be competing for wall space in my home.

OK. That's all. Well that's not all. There are hundreds more, but I won't force them upon you. I have been sending some of these around to a few people who have asked about my vacation. The response has been great and flattering to say the least. So much so that I'm thinking up some ideas of how to make my prints more available to the masses for a nominal fee. More to come. I'm still just brainstorming.


Alexis said...

hells yeah you should make them available for a nominal fee. I'd definitely support your budding photography business to get some of those winery photos up in my new kitchen/dining room. Love those pics of the grapes and wine barrels.

kelsalynn said...

Dear Aunt Mabel,

I love your pictures. Keep them coming! I don't mind a bit. Michael liked the moon one and he said, "What's the picture you liked that we're going to hang in our next house?" And I laughed and said, "Just one? Try all of them... we're going to be able to charge admittance to our "Amy Sayre Gallery"..." he seemed cool with the idea.

Sincerely your neice, :)

Dorrie said...

YES! Sell your photos for a nominal fee! Go to or - two sweet websites for folks such as yourself (that's what i hear anyway!)!