September 30, 2009

My Awesome Friend, Kelsa

I have this amazing friend. Her name is Kelsa. Kelsa is by far one of the most determined people I know. It's her determination that lead her to get into amazing physical shape. It's her determination that powered her to finish her first marathon even though she experienced debilitating calf cramps from mile 14 to the end. It's her determination that has lead her to a managerial position within her company. And it's her determination that has lead her to accomplish her most recent goal.

As of this morning, Kelsa and her equally awesome husband Michael became debt free. Years before they have entered their 30s, these two skimped and saved and sold to eliminate more than $60,000 worth of debt tied to their names. There debt was what most people consider the good kind - student loans and car loans. But to Kelsa and Mike, that wasn't good enough. They wanted to be out from under all of it, so much so that they downgraded from a two-car to one-car household this year. Their determination kicked in, and now today they have eliminated having to pay others. Fitting since it's their anniversary, and this is the best present they could possibly give one another.

When Kelsa set out on this debt free adventure over a year ago, she initially was excited to think they could be debt free in four years. Based on her calculations, that's how long she thought it would take. Obviously it didn't take nearly that long. This doesn't shock me one bit though, because I know Kelsa and I know nothing will ever stand in the way of her achieving her goals. Nothing can match her determination.

Congrats Kelsa. I could not be more proud of you and Michael.

For Kelsa's own take on her debt free adventure, read her post here. And if you do, send her your congrats. She's more than deserving of it.

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kelsalynn said...

Aww! Thanks Ames! I'm so lucky to have such supportive friends. I'm one lucky gal.

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend Amy. I love that I can confess a weakness or a mistake I've made and not worry about being judged, only supported and encouraged to make it right. It truly makes the world of difference in trying achieving your goals...