June 20, 2010

Everyone's Doing It

Apparently it's what the cool kids are doing - changing their blogs. I saw Blogger added some new templates, and I think it's got everyone thinking they must shake things up. I noticed new designs tonight on at least three of the blogs I regularly read. (Hi Kelsa, Lexi and Megan!)

Being the lemming that I am, I decided to do a small change to my blog as well, but just in the color scheme. I have so many photos posted at this point that I'm always afraid that changing my blog drastically will alter everything I've already put up. And I'd kind of like to keep my photos as is. I've spent way too much time formatting them to have them all wiped out with a mindless redesign.

So my blog change was a minor cosmetic one, like a Botox treatment of blog updating. But it serves another purpose. I got it stuck in my head last week that I need (NEEEEEEEEEEEED) to repaint my bathroom. I've been itching to paint the entire condo for a little while but the only task that seems manageable at this point is the non-tile portions of the four tiny walls of my bathroom.

I really do love my and Mike's place with the exception of our one bathroom. It is small. It's closet-sized. Mike and I never get ready in it at the same time because we cannot. It's impossible. In fact I kick the cats out of there in the morning because they take up too much room. And for some stupid reason a year ago I decided what we really needed to add to our bathroom was a shelving unit that took up floor space. A year later, I realize we do not. We need the exact opposite - a wall-mounted shelving unit to hang above the toilet. So yeah, I guess I'll be doing more than painting the walls, but painting the walls is a nice start.

I'm thinking that by redoing this one room in our house which I like the least that one, I'll start to like it more. And two, I'll be motivated to continue on with the house projects. This whole condo could use a fresh coat of paint.

Mike and I went to our local Sears on Saturday. And while Mike browsed the tools, I took every available blue paint sample there was. I have 10 different shades of blue, and I need to pick one. I think one sample is the same color as my new blog background. The bathroom already has tan tiles, a tan shower curtain and white fixtures and molding. So dear blog readers, while you may be noticing my blog changes what you're really seeing is my bathroom remodel beginning to take shape. Now if only painting my bathroom were as simple as changing a blog background.

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kelsalynn said...

your colors look good. All I did was change my colors too, I decided not to change my layout. I like how wide my post section is (much like yours). All the layouts I found are skinnier so I am pretty sure my pictures would end up looking funky.

Can't wait to see pics of the bathroom remodel!