June 12, 2010

A Great Day for a Parade

I'm not gonna lie. I had a very good Friday. I had a great lunch, met up a friend for coffee and the best part, left work mid morning to attend the Blackhawks Stanley Cup parade that took place just a few blocks away from my office.

It was estimated that about 2 million people were in attendance, so it's not like my coworkers and I got a spot up front. However, we found some room under the el tracks and hoped to catch something. All the spots on higher ground were already taken. And the cool part about watching the parade under the el, was that every time a train passed overhead, the conductor slowed down, honked his horn and waved as he went by.

Higher Ground

 Thankfully the parade organizers had the fans in mind and put the players all on doubledecker buses. So even though we were at ground level, we saw them.


Now I have to say, I am a Red Wings fan through and through. I've been to two of their parades. And seeing this one made me a little nostalgic for the team that made me first fall in love with hockey. But seeing my hometown boys in all there red and black glory, well that was pretty cool too.

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