January 8, 2012

On Birthdays and Fame

One of the 2011 goals I set for myself fizzled out around August. It was my photo a day challenge. I actually did take a photo pretty much every day, but getting the photos off my camera(s) and posted on a regular basis was far too much work once we moved and my photo biz picked up.

Even though I still haven't posted many of my 365 photos, one of the great things about that goal was that it got me into a practice of taking photos on a daily basis. 2011 may be over, but I've found that I've continued taking a photo every day in the New Year. Thank goodness because this past week was worth remembering

My birthday was January 4 (as it is every year), so Mike and I made sure our Christmas decorations were down by then. We spent Jan. 2 de-Christmasing our house.


My mom made a habit of doing this every year to make sure that my birthday actually felt like my birthday instead of an extension of Christmas. And since it was my birthday this week, I got a couple nice surprises.
It doesn't get much better for a girl than cupcakes and flowers. (Flowers were courtesy of Mike, the cupcake was courtesy of my friend/co-worker Nicole.)

I bought myself a most excellent birthday present this year on my actual birthday. I have a very dear and very talented friend who has spent the past several years studying vocal performance and performing in Toronto. This winter, he's performing in an opera stateside, and I bought a ticket to visit him in New York City and see him for his opening night performance - at The Met no less. I am over the moon excited for this trip.

On Friday night, Mike took me out to a delicious Italian birthday dinner, since my actual birthday was on a Wednesday. We went to a place in our new neighborhood that we hadn't tried yet, and I think it is safe to say we might become regulars. It was that good. I am still thinking about the pork tenderloin I ate.

Mike and I spent most of Saturday getting ready for company and then entertaining said company. I decided it was high time for us to have a get together at our new place. We had about a dozen people over and as always, I made way too much food. Thankfully a lot of it was veggies and fruit based so I can justify gorging myself on the leftovers.

All the activity of yesterday means we've laid kind of low today. Taylor is especially tired. It's hard being cute for that many people.

Speaking of my dog, he's been featured on this blog enough for you to know he's quiet photogenic. Case-in-point, I took the photo below this morning in our backyard.

Well last weekend, I got an email from the director of the rescue that saved Taylor. She asked if I had any photos of Taylor on a white background. She mentioned they were redoing the website and needed photos. I told her I could get her one thanks to the wonders of Photoshop. So I send her a photo, she sent me the mockup of the new site and lo and behold, Taylor is front and center. Check it out:
He's famous! But don't you worry, we are not letting fame go to his head. We still only feed him steak every other night.

So that was my week. A pretty good way to start out 2012 if I do say so myself.

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JHaddad said...

I don't know who the last dog was to grace the front of that website, but I would think that Mr T will increase the chances of people adopting a pet. Too cute!