June 26, 2012


I often strive for perfection. That unattainable goal that only crazy people think is attainable. It makes me delay things like purchasing clothes, sending birthday presents, having conversations, sharing photos and publishing blog posts.

This post isn't perfect, and neither are the photos  I am about to share. But in this case, I don't have a perfect version. I have what I have, and it's so much better than good enough.
Mike, Taylor and I spent this past weekend in Wisconsin at his sister's house - the sister that lives here. As I've said before, it's relaxing to us city dwellers and a place we can go to unplug. I don't even get cell phone reception.

The house has a really long dirt driveway surrounded by cornfields - in fact, the whole house is surrounded by cornfields at the moment. We let Taylor run free and off leash the entire time we're there because the cornfields serve as a pretty nice buffer and pseudo fence. On Saturday evening, we were taking turns taking the bikes for a spin up and down the driveway. And every time Mike or I would hop on a bike, Taylor would race us full speed ahead up and down the driveway - totally reminding me of why we are not running buddies. Dude is way too fast for me. He beat me every time.

He loved it. We loved it. I don't know who had the bigger grin on their face while sprinting down the driveway - Taylor or us. It's a moment we can't have in the city.

These photos aren't perfect. The lighting is a bit off, nothing is in focus and Taylor is but a big blur. But in my mind, it imperfectly captures that little moment - all the while somehow capturing it perfectly.


Anonymous said...

Those are some serious photographer skillz.

JHaddad said...

Um, skinny. That's all I have to say. Well, that, and SLOW CARBS!