October 23, 2011

Weekend Snaps

Mike, Taylor and I spent most of this weekend up at Mike's sister's house. She lives in what is best described as the middle of nowhere Wisconsin. I love going up to her home because it really does feel like an escape from the city. Her family's home is surrounded by rolling hills dotted with cattle and horses and rows of waving corn fields. It feels like a million miles away from home in the best way possible. My cell phone goes to roaming not far after we turn off the expressway.

We spend weekends up there generally hanging out, watching movies, running Taylor tired and playing ball in the yard with Mike's niece and nephew. And I always spend some time up there roaming their property with my camera. I never have to go too far though. Just out there back door is all the scenery I need.

It's spectacular at sunset.
_DSC4624w _DSC4579w _DSC4627w

And equally awe inspiring at dawn.
_DSC4637w _DSC4634w _DSC4632w

You can't ask for much better scenery than that for a city girl and her camera.

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JHaddad said...

Wow...I would be there every weekend. The first one is my fav. Beautiful!