October 5, 2011

Three Years of Wonderful Memories

When people ask me how I got my start in photography, I always talk about a baby shower I went to for my friend Carly. You know Carly. Her family has graced this blog many a time. Well I took maternity photos of Carly as her present and those photos were shown at her baby shower. At that baby shower there were a couple other women who were pregnant and inquired about my services. Kathleen was one of those women.
I never knew that attending that shower would turn into this little side business. I also never imagined through it that I'd get to meet people as wonderful as Kathleen and her family.

I first photographed Kathleen and her husband Paul in August 2008 for her maternity pics. 
These two were right at ease in front of my camera - my kind of people.

And then there was this photo, about six months later. 
God I still love that picture.

We met up again on a gorgeous fall day last October when Jack turned one. 
Jack 6 
We shared some laughs. 

And now look at him. 
Jack just turned two and with two came the constant request of AGAIN! I think they all jumped off this little ledge about 25 times.

We met up on a gorgeous fall afternoon and hit some of the sights downtown - The Art Institute and Buckingham Fountain later. I always love shoots with Jack, but you know what I realized I love even more? Shoots with Jack and balloons! 
Gah! He kills me.

Enjoy. There are So. Many. Photos.
_DSC2892w DSC_2194w DSC_2229w _DSC2936w _DSC2927w _DSC3024w _DSC2963w _DSC3090w _DSC3036w _DSC3128w _DSC3156w _DSC3101w DSC_2243bww

If you ask Jack to show you his muscles, this is his pose. 

I like to call this sequence of photos, Where's the fountain? 
_DSC3222w _DSC3244w DSC_2332w _DSC3275w  

This is my favorite family photo I've ever taken. Ever. _DSC3287w _DSC3292w _DSC3310w _DSC3323w _DSC3401w

This shoot with Jack was a bit bittersweet. After three years of getting to know this family, they are packing up their things and getting ready to move down south. I am incredibly excited for them, but can't deny that I'm sad to be losing such great photo clients. And honestly after three years and four shoots, I'm pretty proud to say friends as well. 

Best of luck friends. You will be missed.


Kathleen said...

I can't adequately thank you enough for capturing our little family over these years ... seeing your shots sprinkled throughout our home in frames, on canvases, on computer backgrounds is such an incredible gift to us. We will miss Chicago and the amazing backdrops, but we will miss 'our' people more!

And for the record, I still love 'that shot' too! :)

XOXO, Kathleen

Anonymous said...

Jack + balloons + Amy with a camera = teary eyed magic. No kidding Amy, these are just beautiful. I actually did tear up a bit. I love the one of sunset with the balloons and the one on the right the very first balloon picture. There is just so much joy and love in these photos. Really amazing!

Kelsa said...

Unbelievable Amy. Completely speechless. Speechless with goose bumps.