October 27, 2011

The Best Present I Could Give

I've known Lexi since my freshman year of college. And she was one of the first people I know to become a mom. Her honesty about its trials and its joys is just one of the many things I love about her. Also, that she's smart, she's funny, she's driven, she's talented, etc...

I also love her family, which is why I thought it a fitting present when I went out to visit Lexi for her 30th birthday that I take some photos of them all. She's been a big supporter of my photography from day one. So I guess this shoot is my way of saying thank you. And happy birthday.
_DSC3982bw _DSC4032w _DSC3995w _DSC4006w _DSC4013bw _DSC4040w _DSC4115w
_DSC4092w _DSC4104w _DSC4057w _DSC4072w _DSC4121w _DSC4141e _DSC4180w _DSC4199w _DSC4219w _DSC4241e _DSC4283w _DSC4293w _DSC4260w _DSC4270e _DSC4304w _DSC4306bw
 Lexi, you are the best. And I hope you like your birthday present. 


Dorrie said...

Gorgeous!!!!! =)

Alexis said...

Actually Amy I don't like my present...I LOVE it! Having such a hard time choosing the ones I want- but I think I want every one on this page :) you're the bestest