August 26, 2012

Available Light

Not working out of a photography studio means not ever knowing what my shooting conditions will be until I arrive. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised with big windows and south facing views. Other times, garden units with dim overhead lighting await me.

Given that my photography lives and dies on the light that is present, I am instantly analyzing available light the second I walk into most rooms, assessing how I'd conduct a shoot if it had to happen right there in that moment. It's my own form of training. If I had my way, I would make every shoot be at sunset on the lake shore during summer. Since that unfortunately cannot happen, I try to be ready for any and everything.

I was heading to my shoot this Saturday morning, looking at the harsh shadows the light was casting on the cement, and I just knew I would be limited. The neighborhood I was heading into didn't have much in the way of mature trees, and it was way too bright outside to stand anywhere but in the shade. I was hoping for a patch of shade or a room with good light. And that's just what I got. It wasn't much to work with, but it was more than enough. Especially since my subjects were beyond adorable.

We did what we had to do. We worked it out in the living room and in the front yard. And I am incredibly happy with what I was able to get. 

Just goes to show me that all I need are cute subjects, a room with windows and a patch of shade. Oh and a bubble blower helps too.

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JHaddad said...

Seriously, if this is what you do with tricky light, that says something. :) Well done!