February 14, 2009

He's Better Than I Thought

About a week ago, Mike turns to me while we were sitting on the couch and says, "Well I probably shouldn't say anything but I wanted to send you flowers to work for Valentine's Day. Do you like roses or should I get something else?"

Overcome by the fact that he blew his own surprise, I couldn't answer. I didn't know what I wanted given the way the question was phrased. If it had been a surprise, I would have loved any flowers he picked out. But if I had to tell him what kind of flowers I wanted to be "surprised" with, I couldn't say. I didn't want any flowers that way.

All this past week while driving to work, Mike has been reminding of my "surprise." Finally on Friday, I turned to him and said, "You can't really call it a surprise if you've reminded me about it every day this week."

I got to work Friday, signed onto my computer and checked my email. Much to my surprise, sitting in my inbox was a gift certificate to Zappos from Mike. His message inside thanked me for all I do for him and it said how he thought I'd appreciate this gift more than flowers. He was right. This man knows me and my passion for good shoes. He might not like how many pairs of heels are currently in my closet, but he loves me enough to support my habit. And he totally got me. I had no reason to think I was getting anything other than flowers.

He's done this before. For Christmas I was convinced I was getting a watch because he told me he was getting me a watch. I got a camera instead. So he's been able to fool me twice now. Never again though. I'm totally onto him.

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kelsalynn said...

Doesn't it surprise you how good your man can be at lying? Michael is way too good at it... so good I should be nervous, yet I still manage to trust him more than anyone. Go figure.