May 7, 2011

Three Times the Fun, Three Times the Cute

The last time you saw this family, they were a family of three. And in just six months time, they have doubled in size to a family of six! Their three newborn boys were born in March, spent a couple weeks in the NICU and then came home as happy, healthy five pound boys just a couple weeks later.
When I met the brothers (Finn, Carter and Everett), they hadn't even been home a week, but had already transformed the lives of this family completely. I won't go into the logistics of caring for three newborns, mainly because I don't have the slightest idea of how much work that takes. But I will say this, this family's capacity for loving these babies is endless.

There certainly isn't any shortage of love for and from brig brother Colin as well.

 Being young and cute is really hard work...

So they took a short break midway through our shoot...

And then it was back to the task at hand.

The most amazing thing about this shoot was watching these boys naturally intertwine with one another as they lay together. After all, they are certainly used to sharing close quarters. I love that none of the photos below were posed. This is how close these boys really are.

I think it's pretty safe to say that even if they aren't always this intertwined, they are always going to be this close.

Happy Mother's Day to you Jessica. You have a beautiful family, and I have absolutely loved getting to know you all.


Anonymous said...

The triplets are pretty cute, but big brother is so adorable - totally stole the show.

Alexis said...

That 2nd to last shot w/ all of the little arms and legs and one big belly...oh it just gives me goose bumps- one of the most amazing photos I've seen in a long time. Your real challenge now will be to get them all in a shot together in a year when they're all mobile!

Mom to one, three on the way! said...

We love the pictures Amy. What a special day that was for us! We look forward to you taking more pictures of them as they grow. :)