May 18, 2011

Mother's Day with Macy

 I love when people come to my by way of a referral. I know a lot of awesome people who happen to know a lot of awesome people. And photographing awesome people is one of my favorite things.

This awesome family came to me via referral. Little miss Macy - the subject of this Mother's Day shoot - is a cousin to these boys. I met her and her parents on the south side of a Chicago at a little park I did not know existed. I hope to be back to it soon though because it is a great location. And this is a great family.

 My absolute favorite shot of the day.

Madeline, I hope you enjoyed your first Mother's Day. It was an honor to share part of it with your beautiful family.


savvyfitchica said...

I love this little girl! She's so cute! Awesome pictures Amy & I hope this shoot leads to even more.

Mom to one, three on the way! said...

Macy is just the sweetest and you captured her well! Lovely pictures!