May 27, 2011

Home Tour

It all started with the bathroom. I just needed to paint it. So I woke up on a Saturday morning about a year ago, and I did it. I loved it. And suddenly I felt the urge to paint it all. Mike had lived in his place for about 5 years at that point, so after 5 years of wear and tear the entire place could have used a fresh coat of paint.

And now, it has it. This past weekend Mike and I tackled the final room in our place that needed repainting - the kitchen. I was looking forward to repainting this room the least. I knew with all the cabinets and the edging and the crap on the walls that it wouldn't be easy. It actually ended up being the room we painted the quickest. It helps when you've already had four other rooms to practice on. I absolutely love, love, love how the kitchen turned out, but first I feel the need to revisit the rooms we've already done that I didn't post.

Up first - our second bedroom. It's gray!

I fully admit it doesn't still look like this today. The walls are still the same color but random crap has made it's way back into this room. This room has always suffered from an identity crisis. It used to have a second bed in it, it's had the dog crate in it, it's got our desk, it's where Mike's clothes and laundry live, where Taylor's toys live and also where Mike jams on his guitars. So it's got a lot going on, and I've never really figured out a way to make it all peacefully coexist. But for the weekend that we focused on this room, it did look really put together.
This basket holds many of Taylor's dog toys, but somehow they always end up on the rug in our main room anyway. 

The shelves that we added actually did make a big difference. Mike's got a ton of moments and memorabilia that was previously scattered. My favorite part about this room redo was organizing these shelves with pieces of my man's life. 

And since these photos were taken, I've added a few photos to the room. Two weekends ago, Mike told me he wouldn't clean until I hung up all the frames that were lying around our house. There were eleven total. Four of those eleven frames went in this room.
 The painting is by Mike, the photo on top is by me and the photo on the bottom I won at a charity auction.

These photos now by the desk, are a collection of Mike's family photos and ones from his childhood. Fact:  when I first met Mike, these photos were the only decorations on his living rooms walls.

You've already seen the living room, but I did add this one print below. It's a three foot by two foot canvas print of this image. And I love it, so much. It's the first thing you see when you walk into our place.

Back to the recently painted stuff. Up next is my and Mike's bedroom.
No home tour is complete without the presence of animals.

The color on the walls in here is called Not Quite White. I wanted to paint the room something a little more bold, but started thinking resale and decided to tone it down. The room previously had a green tint to the paint, and I really liked that. But I also hated our dark brown bedding and wanted to go with a lighter wall color. This room doesn't get as much ambient light as I'd like, so I knew I couldn't go dark. The paint I bought I originally thought had more of a yellowish tint to it. It doesn't. But it's light and airy, so I still like it.

And it allowed me to get green bedding. I absolutely love how the green patterned bedding goes with these new sheets we got. And in case you're wondering, the photo on the right is all the books currently on my night stand.

Six of the eleven photos that I hung a couple weeks ago went above our bed. I absolutely love how this little collage turned out. Although that's not originally how I planned it. How I originally planned these frames looked awful once they were up. So I just started putting holes in the wall. The end result is much better, holes and all.

This is the top of my dresser (AKA jewelry storage) as well as the wall opposite our bed. Just the other night Mike commented that it looked bare. I couldn't agree more. However I can't bring myself to hang another thing in this place. I have hung enough.

And now, the kitchen, which is currently my favorite room in the house. But first, let's look at how it looked before.
It had the same greenish paint that was once in the bedroom. And it was a flat paint. Who paints a kitchen with flat paint? The developer who sold Mike his place that's who. These walls were so gross between all the food splatters and pet wear and tear. I could not wait to paint over it all.

And now, now it's awesome. 
The rearrangement of the art is probably my favorite thing about this room. That and that the paint color is called Hummus. My kitchen is painted Hummus. How cool is that!?! Also, Mike and I have a lot of wine. You should come over and drink some.
The elephant who lives on our window sill I won at a bridal shower. In fact it was this bridal shower. I won it for the TP bridal dress. And the Vermouth print Mike and I got at a resale shop we donate to for a steal - $15!  It fits perfectly above our sink.
This room wasn't really so much of a remodel as it was a repainting. The kitchen is already pretty great. It's got cherry wood cabinets, granite and stainless steel appliances. So paint and cleaning really goes along way to pulling this room together. 

So that's it. That's my little house tour.  In case you've every wondered what my place looks like, there it is. I really wanted to share all this because Mike and I honestly don't have people over all that often, so chances are not many people will ever see all of our hard work. And if you ever do get to see it, I can guarantee it won't be as clean as it was in these photos. Darn pets ruin everything.


savvyfitchica said...

I'm not sure I can choose which room transformation I like best. That painting people see when they first walk in looks amazing against that wall color. It really pops yet is delicate, if that makes any sense.

The kitchen looks much warmer now. Yeah, the "flat" paint in a kitchen? Not smart!

AlexisAnne said...

I love the kitchen too! very similar to the color we used to have in our kitchen/dining room back in Lansing. And you know I love your kitchen art cuz it's out of the same vein as what we have going on. Loved the little peak at your home since I've never seen it! How sad is that????

JHaddad said...

I love all of it! The kitchen is delightful and I love what you did to the second bedroom. But I think what I love most is the photo you blew up and put in your front entryway. The fact that it's yours is the best part. I love love love it!