January 29, 2007

I Need Hair-apy

I learned the difference between the words “salon” and “institute” on Saturday. It became quite clear that the Aveda Institute was certainly not an Aveda Salon when they had me sign a release form before getting my haircut. The jist of it said that I was a cheap bastard and deserved whatever bad haircut or permanent scarring its stylists-in-training left me.

I had an appointment that day with an actual salon, with an actual, licensed hairstylist. However, the salon’s receptionist (who scheduled my appointment!) saw things differently when I showed up on Saturday, a day earlier than her book said. Undaunted by the incorrectness of their little book, I left the salon determined to get my haircut that day.

That is how I wound up at the Aveda Institute instead of a salon and why my hair resembles a blunt face-framed look I sported in 10th grade instead of the stylish and trendy look I had planned. But my lesson was learned. I can guarantee when my hair grows out in a month, and I make another hair appointment, it will not be anywhere that has the word “institute” in the title.

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