January 7, 2007

Oscar de la Hoya

I have a cat. Just when I thought the saga of Twinkle Toes was over, I was told it was not. The Cusacks backed out and now he's mine. We had our first meeting last Wednesday and since he didn't claw my eyes out when I walked in the door, I agreed to take him.

He moved in on Saturday. I say moved in because he came with a carrier and two grocery bags of stuff. He's now resting comfortably in my apartment after spending most of Saturday hiding under my bed. I think he likes it here now. As you can tell by the photo above, his favorite move is spreading out on the rug by my desk. He's already strutting around like he owns the place.

Today I learned/decided that his name is Oscar. He's quite a little boxer and has this move where he likes to stand up on his hind legs and bat at things. So in honor of his boxing agility, I've renamed him Oscar de la Hoya... Oscar for short. Lord knows he wasn't staying Twinkle Toes for long.

I promise I'll keep you all updated about life as a cat owner. I'm sure there are many lessons to be had there.


Anonymous said...

Good name. Happy belated b-day by the way.

Anonymous said...

I love the name! Michael says he likes, "George", "Ali", or "Sugar Ray" better though... or "Oscar de la MEOWA"

Leroy Brown said...

We all know what his real name is just look at him. He will go far.