January 28, 2008


My search for a new phone has not been easy. I have cell phone issues, with both service and selection.

My Verizon contract has been up since September. I have been casually browsing for a new phone and carrier since, but did not get serious until November. I spent a couple of weeks researching phones and finally found one. The day I went to purchase it, I was told by a sales associate that as of that morning, Sprint was no longer selling the phone. I still see Rumors in Sprint stores but figure my experience with trying to purchase one was a bad sign.

I moved on and spent another month researching phones. During down hours at work, I was surfing CNET and every major carriers Web site religiously. After deciding I was not ready for a full blown smartphone (a la the Treo or Blackberry) and music wasn't a big factor (see, Juke or Walkman), I settled on this. Many reviews said this phone was perfect for people looking for their first smartphone. I loved it mainly for it's tasks list and calendar functions. It is made by Palm after all.
With my sights set on this phone, I set out once again on my lunch hour to purchase a cell phone. I went to the Sprint store across from my office, however they only had the phone in pink. I am not a pink phone kind of girl. The sales associate also told me she didn't know of any stores in the Loop that had red Centros in stock. Instead of spending the next hour or so scouring the city streets, I went back to work and made some calls. The associate was right. None of the downtown stores had it in red. They said check back in a week.

After unsuccessful calls this weekend to stores near my home, I tried again today. At work I made three calls. No luck: Three stores, none with the phone I want. They had pink or black, but not red. Not wanting to wait another month, I went online. My Verizon bill recharges on the sixth of every month. If I didn't get this taken care of soon, I might as well wait until March so I wouldn't be paying double.

I started filling out the appropriate boxes and not long into placing my order for new service an IM chat opened up. "Jessica" walked me through my checkout and even offered me a $50 discount off my first bill just for using her throughout my purchase. And yes, I had no problems getting a red phone online. My Centro should ship tonight and be here tomorrow.

My lesson learned here is sometimes what seems too easy is just that - easy.

This has been personally a record-breaking year in terms of electronic purchases. The cell phone will complete my trifecta of electronic upgrades: cell phone, laptop and digital camera. But don't worry. I'm not getting all fancy. I'm still the same old girl with a tin foil TV antenna.

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kelsalynn said...

I think that's the phone Michael wants too... you'll have to let me know if you like it or not once you get the hang of it.

Congrats on the purchase!