January 19, 2008

A Not So Perfect Pitch

My violin is in good working order for the first time in years. I picked it up from the repair shop today and was a giddy as a kid. In the store, I held the violin, placed it under my chin, picked up the bow and pulled it across the strings.. and they hummed perfectly. It sounded amazing.

I took it home and couldn’t wait to play more. I’ve kept all my old scale books, beginner books and advanced books. The good news is I can still read them, I still remember how the notes should sound and I still can play the rhythms. For it having been so long since I played, I thought I wasn't sounding too bad.

I don’t think everyone agreed, though.

Oscar started meowing within five minutes of my playing. And then another five minutes later, I heard a neighbor of mine turn up his or her music very loud, I think in an effort to drown me out. I didn’t care though. I played on, with Oscar meowing and the neighbor’s music going the whole time. I did eventually stop, but not because I felt they wanted me to stop. I stopped because I was getting a headache.

I still maintain I sound pretty good.

1 comment:

kelsalynn said...

Oh, I'm sure you do Amy... that headache was a result of the loud music from your neighbor and Oscar's cries... it was not at all related to the beautiful sounds coming from your violin.