January 23, 2008

Sexy Specs

I picked up my new glasses this afternoon. I love them. My old ones are OK, but they're old. I thought they were cool when I got them during my college years, but it was time for an upgrade. And I upgraded.

To illustrate, here is me with contacts (AKA no glasses):

Now here are my old glasses.

Not rapist glasses, but not great.

And here are my new glasses.

So cool, retro cool. And zebra striped inside.

Did I mention how much I like them? Cause I do.

As an ending note, I learned today that my good friend, Kelsa, will be moving a bajillion states away. She's currently in Michigan and is moving to Arizona for a promotion and some serious sun. I am uber-excited for her and my prospects for visiting Arizona. It's 5 degrees in Chicago right now. Congrats again chica!


Dan Mega said...

They definitely enhance that's for sure. I consider myself lucky as I have never needed glasses but seeing stylish stuff like this makes me wish I could have that option.

kelsalynn said...

Thanks for the shout out Amy! And let me tell you, your glasses are a SUPA SEXY! I love them!

They make your face look a lot skinnier than your old ones did. I really like them a lot!!


kelsalynn said...

By the way, the facial expressions in your pictures are a very nice touch to this blog... They make me laugh.


happygirl said...

Yeah I don't think it's so much the actual glasses...but moreso the faces you are making while wearing the glasses. you should be a model-you could sell anything with that face :)

SunshineCityLassie said...

Oh, the new ones look great! Love the pattern, too.