March 9, 2009

I Take the Good, Not the Bad

This weekend I went home to Michigan for some official Maid of Honor duties. While there, I decided to try out my mom's Wii Fit this morning before catching my train back to Chicago. I've played the Wii, but hadn't tried the Wii Fit. After my initial set up was and about 30 minutes of strength, balance and aerobic exercises, I learned the following:
- My BMI is normal, but on the high end of the normal range.
- In order to reach the ideal BMI measurement of 22, I'd have to lose 14 pounds (that seems a little unreasonable to me).
- When standing up straight, I tend to lean slightly forward and a little to the left.
- My Wii Fit age is 30. (Mike delighted in this because it cuts our age difference in half.)
- I weight six pounds less than I do at the gym.

I could focus on the fact that the Wii has aged me, but instead I'm going to look at the "fact" that in the span of a weekend where I did not exercise, I lost six pounds. Something tells me that by the time I head back to the gym tomorrow morning, I will have gained it all back.


Megan said...

Yeah, you have to take the Wii fit readings with a grain of salt. I moved mine from carpet to tile and lost 22lbs.! Silly Wii.

kelsalynn said...

I've never done the Wii fit before, but I'd love to try it. I guess the yoga is pretty good...

sounds like fun Amy!
Hey, thanks again for listening last night... I needed that.