March 22, 2009

Running Update

Well I did manage to get my butt in gear. I did my final long run before the Shuffle. All that's in front of me now are a 3 mile run, a 2 mile run and then the 5-mile race on Sunday. And honestly, I can't wait for it to be over. I'm ready to train on my own ground and workout how I want to work out. I'll still run, but I can guarantee it won't be three times a week.

I have mixed emotions about my run today. It was 4.5 miles, but actually I ran a little more than that - 4.62 miles according to Gmaps Pedometer. I missed a turn and unintentionally added some mileage. And my time? 56:38.

Here's why I have mixed emotions about this run. To see 56:38, I'm upset. From my last 4 mile run to now I added close to 10 minutes, but I only added a half mile. (actually 0.6 miles). That means my pace was much slower. This time also means that my goal of running this race in under 50 minutes is darn near impossible. I do believe the race day adrenalin will help to propel me a little faster and a little farther, but I don't see me knocking 7 or 8 minutes off my time. It doesn't seem feasible.

But here's why I am pretty happy with my run. First, I did it. Secondly, it was easier than my 4 mile run. I hesitate to say it, but it was almost enjoyable. I felt pretty good throughout and walked a whole heck of a lot less than I did with my last run. I really only stopped when I reached stop lights and street crossings. I did stop to stretch my legs twice, but I never really walked just for walking's sake. I am also proud I did this run because my quads were hurting before I began. I did a stair stepper machine at the gym on Thursday, and my muscle soreness really only kicked in today.

So I'm mixed. Honestly, my one prevailing emotion is relief. I am choosing to focus on the relief I will feel next Sunday when this is all over.


kelsalynn said...

I'm happy for you! That's a great run! You're training is really coming along!

On race day, just keep reminding yourself that it's ONLY ONE DAY! Push yourself to your ultimate max and then keep on chugging... it's going to be hard, but just know that. Know that you have a goal and you've got to do whatever you can to try and make it happen.

kelsalynn said...

PS: I hate that I misspelled "your" as "you're"... argh... so annoying!!!