March 22, 2009

Sky Fire

It's Sunday afternoon, and I'm supposed to run 4.5 miles today. I might. I will. I have to. The Shamrock Shuffle is next Sunday. But to be honest, I'd rather roam around the city and take photos. I might do both but I'd prefer just to take photos. Because when I capture those like the image above, I just want to take more.

This photo was taken this past week. I came home from work Wednesday and saw the sun was setting low behind the trees across the street. I slapped on my telephoto lens and took it out to a 200mm focal length - the highest it could go. I took a bunch of shots and kept messing with the different manual settings. The one above was the best composition and exposure combo. I gave it a little something special in editing by darkening it. Darkening the shadows really made the trees in the foreground standout against the bright orange and red of the sky.

All right. Enough blogging. I'm off to do something. Hopefully run.

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kelsalynn said...

I'm not going to have any wall space left in my future home, because here's another one of your photos that's going up.

I need to run tonight too... we'll see if it happens or not.


I'm just "blah" today...