May 3, 2009


The shot above isn't some long lost vacation shot I found. I took it today, down by the lake. It was that kind of a spring Chicago day. And when days such as this are presented to Chicago's residents, we feel compelled to get out and enjoy.

And I did. I got out and enjoyed the weather and the lake shore both Saturday and Sunday. I headed down to Lake Shore Drive with a friend on Saturday afternoon. We hopped on the crowded running/biking path and ran 1.6 miles south to Navy Pier, and then the 1.6 miles back to the car. It was glorious. The sun was shining and there was a nice 65 degree breeze blowing off the Lake.

Today Mike and I went down to the lake shore closest to our home. Mike was anxious to get back to one of his favorite fishing spots, and I wanted to capture what I could of this beautiful day with my camera.

We both won. Well kind of.

Mike caught quite a few fish, but they were all goby fish. I didn't know this, but gobies are not native to these waters. They were unintentionally introduced to this region over a decade ago and ever since have overrun the Great Lakes. When Mike bought his fishing license he was told he couldn't even throw gobies he caught back into the lake. He fed them to the seagulls instead.

I got some decent photos while walking up and down the shore. Looking back I should have done a little more presetting than I did. A lot of my photos turned out way too blue. But it was a small price to pay given I was surrounded with an abundance of blue waters and blue skies, things that I had missed over the past few months.


kelsalynn said...

Great pics! Sounds like a perfect weekend. Nice job on the run!

I miss lakes in general...

Interesting note about the goby fish.

kelsalynn said...

Oh, Amy, Amy, Amy... entertaining you is actually my main motive for blog-writing.

Are you saying my pictures of a front squat don't please you?

I'm hurt. Stunned. Absolutely befuddled. (good word right?)