April 30, 2009

Not So Economical After All

Two weekends ago as Mike was pounding nails into our remodeled back door I stepped out for a little home remodeling of my own. I headed to our local Bed Bath & Beyond to use a gift card I'd received. Adjacent to the store was a TJ Maxx, so of course I had to take a quick peak there as well.

My quick peak sent me to the dressing room with 11 items in hand, mostly shirts. While browsing the rack, I realized I was sorely lacking in summer work shirts. I allowed myself to purchase five of the shirts I'd tried on knowing these five shirts would add more than enough to my summer working closet.

Over the past two weeks, I've worn all of my new shirts with the exception of one. Tonight I mustered up the energy to throw a couple loads of laundry into the wash, mainly because my clothing options for tomorrow included a formal suit, workout clothes or a strapless evening dress. As I pulled my load out of the washer, I held up one of my new shirts. It was about half the size it should be. I pulled out another. It's now a half shirt. Offfffffffffff course.

I honestly do love buying clothes from TJMaxx. I'm a bargain hunter and enjoy spending about half what I normally would on my clothes. I get a sick satisfaction knowing that a $60 shirt I would have passed by I can now purchase at for a measly $15. Basically, I'm cheap... err, frugal. That $15 shirt though, isn't really cheap if I wear it one time and then ruin it in the washing machine.

You see, the downside to a TJ Maxx purchase is that their shirts are not always properly labeled. The two shirts I just ruined didn't even have tags displaying their fabric. Apparently, I am not fabric savvy.

I was planning to take some clothes to goodwill this Saturday. I'm adding my two new, clean shirts to the pile. Some little girl is going to have two very nice, business casual summer tops.

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kelsalynn said...

oh no! Huge bummer! I hate that. Well, at least you looked SUPER cute for a few days with your new shirts.

good night. :)