April 20, 2009

Yes, This Is All I Have

I was trying to think of something small, any short and simple lessons I have learned as of late. And really, only one thing came to mind: my new toothbrush. In the midst of much errand running this weekend, Mike and I did our grocery shopping. I hemmed and hawed for a little while in the dental aisle before finally settling on an electric toothbrush.

It's amazing. My teeth have not felt so clean since my last dentist check up. I'm set to go in for my six month check up in a few weeks and I can't wait to tell my dentist about how great my new brush is. But also, I'm kind of scared to go in. Every time she cleans my teeth, she scolds me for not flossing enough. This is after she has modeled how to floss my teeth and subsequently made my gums spew forth blood like I didn't think was possible for gums to spew forth blood. And if I'm being completely honest, I got this toothbrush in part because I hoped to impress her with my sparkling white teeth. So what's the lesson here? I'm afraid of my dentist. I think. Wait, no. That's not really a lesson.

I'm sorry. This is all I have. I write less and then when I do it's about electronic toothbrushes. But do any of you have one? Or am I alone here? Yes, toothbrushes. This is it.

At least I updated my mini photo on the right side of the page. That will be my next blog post, so rest assured it will not be another post about dental care.


kelsalynn said...


Just kidding...

I do not have an electric toothbrush, just good ol' fashion elbow grease for me.

If you GUSH BLOOD at the dentist, I think it's time to find a new dentist. My gums will bleed maybe just a little bit, and I never floss... I don't even floss the night before to hope they won't notice like most people.

Michael flosses every night, no lie.

Alexis said...

I need one for sure! but not to impress my dentist...cuz I'm so scared of dentists that I don't even have one! I have the worst oral hygeine ever- I'm lucky if I remember to brush before leaving the house every day. yup, I admitted it, sometimes I forget to brush. having 2 kids will do that to you.

Dorrie said...

YESSS! I love eletric toothbrushes!!! Okay, well mine is not exactly "electric" if you will - it's a Crest spin brush (battery operated) - that counts, right? It's an orange crayon, and it is SWEET. I am glad to know I am not the only one on earth whose gums spew forth blood like a volcanic eruption when flossed. I hate it. And the dentist. Usually when I go to the dentist I cry. And then get high on the gas... =)