April 5, 2009

Brain Freeze

I think earlier this week I had a lot of ideas for blog posts. But right now, I have none. All I can think about is how the weather screwed up my plans two Sundays in a row now.

Last Sunday it was the Shuffle, this Sunday it was photos. I had just walked outside to meet some friends at a park who had asked me to take their pictures (she's due in May!). As I was rounding the corner to head to the park I heard little pellets of hail hit the ground. And then they started hitting me. And then my friend called to say that today probably wouldn't work for park photos. So I walked back home and did my laundry.

It's still snowing now. It's gross. Just gross. I'm chilling for the rest of the night swathed in blankets and hoping I will see no snow tomorrow. One day at at time. One day at a time.

I am a teeny bit hopeful though. Yesterday I walked around my neighborhood and snapped these sure fire signs of spring.

Too bad presently they are covered in snow.

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kelsalynn said...

Oh, I heard yesterday that Chicago was expecting 4-6 inches and I almost cried for you... the teaser of spring makes snow that much worse when it hits. It will all be over soon!!

I'm sorry your photo shoot was a bust, I know you were really excited about that opportunity and challenge. Hopefully you guys can reschedule sooner than later.

Miss you!