July 5, 2009

A View From The Top

Yesterday was a bit of a wash in terms of the Fourth of July weather. Our plans to go to Lake Michigan were thwarted by the overcast skies and showers. They lingered throughout the day, having begun around noon (when we originally planned to go to the lake) and lasting until 6 p.m., about the time our guests started to leave.

We rolled with the punches, and instead of going to the lake our friends came over to my and Mike's place. We grilled, talked and I made everyone eat the food I prepared. I am happy to report my dessert went over very well. Score!

It was a good thing the rain finally did end. Our original plans had included watching the fireworks from our roof. A few years ago, before Mike and I began co-habitating, he watched the fireworks from his roof. I remember him sending me picture messages from his phone that night. It looked like he was sitting in the middle of a fire fight in Baghdad.

Our three story unit puts us at or above most buildings in our neighborhood. On a clear night, we can see from downtown all the way to the north shore suburbs. It was a little cloudy last night, so the view wasn't clear enough to see the fireworks at Navy Pier, but that doesn't mean there weren't fireworks to see.

If anything, the hard thing about watching the fireworks was that we missed so many. We kept constantly turning 360 degrees, and it seemed like every time I turned I'd miss the large firework right behind me.

These videos don't do the real thing justice. They make the action seem like it was much further from us than it was. First up, here's me looking to the east. You can't see them in this video but there were people lighting off fireworks from the parking lot directly below us too.

And while looking east, we were missing the fireworks to the west. There were so many that it became hard to tell what might be a show versus any average Joe setting off fireworks he got in Indiana. Thankfully we had Shawn, who became our official "show" spotter.

All in all, it was a free show that didn't disappoint. Well unless you ask my cat Oscar, who spent the night hiding under our bed.

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kelsalynn said...

Wow, Okay, I thought our view was good- yours was even better. We couldn't hear the "BOOM" with ours- either we were too far away in general, or just too high up (we were way above the fireworks).

Very cool videos! I'm glad you guys made the most of the weather and your dessert was a hit!