August 9, 2009

Guess Where I Went

I don't really have the focus right now to string together words with the hope of making them sound good. See that sentence right there, was not good. I'm just a little drained from the weekend. And possibly the heat. My god the heat. It was brutal in Chicago this weekend.

So what I do in lieu of words? Photos! I know. You are shocked.

This past Saturday morning I made my way down to China town for a little photo exploration with a friend of mine. He's an actual photographer. As in that's what he does. He doesn't just play photographer like I do. He is one.
Well I'm still just playing around, so we ventured to Chinatown and played. Here's what I got.

So this next photo is of a moldy sock. We were walking on an upper level of a strip mall when Brian asked me what I thought the green thing on the roof was. I said I thought it might be a sock. I whipped out my telephoto lens and said, "yup, it's a moldy sock." And then I took a photo of it, simply because the colors were so good.

There are a lot of "happy" dining establishments in Chinatown.

This last photo ended up being my favorite. I was sitting waiting for Brian to show up. I kept looking at the "Three Happiness" sign, thinking it was a funny sign, but not anything special enough to take on its own. And then these three Chinese women, who where chatting and laughing, walked below it. Of course, then I snapped my shutter.

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kelsalynn said...

I can't believe how wonderful the colors are in all of your photos!!! It's really impressive, I'm sure it makes a difference that you have a super fabulous camera and you have a super fabulous eye!!!

I like the one with the guy sitting down and you're above him!!!


(3 exclamation points after each sentence just for you)