August 25, 2009

Still In A California State of Mind

My mind is still buzzing with the constant hum of vacation vacation vacation vacation... So in lieu of well-constructed, coherent thoughts, I give to you the top 10 things I'd like to do or see while on vacation in California:
1. Take lots and lots of photos of the coast
2. Spot a celebrity
3. Sample various California wines at a bonafide California winery (and bring at least one bottle back with me)
4. See the redwoods at Muir Woods
5. Swim in the Pacific
6. Soak in the Avila hot springs
7. Eat an amazing (fresh) fish dinner
8. See the seals at Fisherman's Wharf
9. Bike, kayak or snorkel on Catalina Island
10. Not think about work for even one second.

Item number ten on my list will be by far the easiest. I welcome additions or suggestions to my list. Having never been to California, I don't know if my list is completely lame or not. I hope not, but I won't know until I get back. And I promise you, at the very least, a kick ass slide show of my trip will be posted upon my return.


Megan said...

Where in Cali are you heading? Obviously, more than one location.... I lived there for 5 years - I'm most familiar with SoCal so I can point ya to a few good spots in the southern part of the state.

Amy said...

We're going all over: in Santa Monica for two days, in the Riverside area for two days. Take a day to drive up the coast. Spend the night near pismo beach. Then we're in Novato for three days. Our last day and night will be spent in downtown San Fran. So yeah, we're seeing as much as we can.

If you've got suggestions for what to do in or around Riverside, I'd appreciate it. That's the only place I haven't really come up with an activity for.

kelsalynn said...

Never been, but your trip sounds perfect! I especially like the fresh fish for dinner option... that sounds yummy. As you can imagine, we don't have all that much fresh fish in the desert, crazy- I know.

HAVE a FUN and SAFE trip!