August 5, 2009

Not So Eggcellent

I am getting back into the swing of things after a long weekend home in Michigan for a dear friend's wedding. Getting back into the swing of things means having a stocked fridge once again. Tonight I decided to make pork chops to go along with some sweet corn I bought at Trader Joe's yesterday.

I pulled out eggs from the fridge, so I could make the egg wash that allows bread crumbs to stick to the chops. Only I realized one more thing I should have bought at the grocery store.


The two left in the fridge we frozen.
Lesson learned: Mike and I should do a better survey of our fridge before we run off to the grocery store. Also, we should probably buy less than a dozen eggs at a time. These clearly had been in there for quite some time.


kelsalynn said...

That's hilarious! How come they froze? Is it b/c they're old and that's what eggs do when they get old (?) or was your fridge turned down too low?

Anyway, welcome back!!!

Dorrie said...

Dude, you even make a photo of frozen eggs look good. =)