November 23, 2008

Wedding Update

This past weekend was fun, really fun. My best friend Jenny and her mom came into town to do some wedding dress shopping. This was Jenny's first round of wedding dress shopping. It went very well, so well that Jenny fell in love with a $4,000 dress that she has no intention to buy. I am pretty sure she is online right now researching fabrics and searching for gowns to see if there's any way she can find a similar dress or a way to have her seamstress make it cheaper.

As for me, I am now preparing to be Jenny's maid of honor. It turns out her intentions for visiting this weekend were two-fold. Sure she wanted to try on some dresses but she also wanted to ask me to be her maid of honor. I of course accepted, after she made me and her mom cry by the very sweet way she asked.

This offer makes it official that I will be in two weddings this coming year. I also said yes to Dorrie's offer to play the violin at her wedding. We've selected four songs and I've been practicing them for about a month already. (Yes, poor Mike is loving my four-song repertoire these days.) In a few months I'll send her recordings and let her determine if I'm good enough to provide music for her walk down the aisle. If not, then Dorrie has promised I can be the person to tell the guests it's time to start by yelling, "Hey! Sit your punk a$$es down, b!tches!" Either way, I'm in the wedding.


kelsalynn said...

I say you stick to the voilin playing, but hey, what's Mike going to be doing during that time? I mean, as long as he's free- there's no reason he can't yell at people to sit their punk a$$es down. You're going to do great playing the voilin Amy, I know it! Have fun practicing.

Dorrie said...

YESSS! I am so jacked about this! Can't wait for your recording! And yes, I would also like both you and Mike to at least provide one rendition of "sit your a$$es down, bitches." This is going to RULE.