November 29, 2008

Doing What I Didn't Know I Can Do

It's a nice feeling to learn that you know how to do something you didn't know you knew how to do. For example, Internet, I can ski.

The last time I went skiing was probably about a decade ago. And at that time, I remember graduating to an easy green trail after spending a good portion of the day on the bunny hill. And as I said that was about a decade ago. I have probably skied less than 10 times in my entire life and the majority of that time was on bunny hills all across Michigan.

Mike and I spent Thanksgiving at his sister's home. His sister's home is located about 45 minutes from a Wisconsin ski resort. We decided a good way to spend the day after Thanksgiving would be on said ski hill. Mike's a better skier than I am, so, you know, easy for him to say. I was game to try skiing again but really did not have high expectations for myself.

There was definitely an adjustment period. I forgot how weird ski boots were to walk in. Mike had to help me get on my skis and demonstrate how to get them off. But as we made our way to the bunny hill from the lodge, skiing came back to me with each small step.

I started slow by working my way up the bunny hill. I side-stepped upward higher and higher and skied farther and farther. Eventually feeling confident enough in my stopping ability, I headed down the entire length of a bunny hill. I surprised myself because after abut 30 minutes on the bunny hill, I was ready for something bigger.

My first pass down the green run was slow. I went down the entire way in a plow position. But after a few more passes I started gaining speed and even tried weaving in an easy zig-zag pattern downhill. By the end of the day, having only fallen twice, I felt comfortable. I could steer. I could stop. I could control my speed. I didn't need to fall to stop. That used to be my only mode of stopping.

Mike and I were both pretty happy with how well the day went. He was pretty excited to have a ski buddy, and I was pretty darn excited that I could fulfill that role.


kelsalynn said...

I'm glad your ski attempt was successful and fun! Any pictures?

Also, I think it's time for another one of your photo reviews... don't you? =)

Miss you!

Amy said...

Sadly, no photos. I was too afraid I might fall (repeatedly) and break my camera.

And you don't miss a beat. I'll be composing a photo post tonight.