November 16, 2008

Third In a Series

Here it is. The third photo hanging on my and Mike's living room wall. I chose it for the blues. That was the theme I was going for with these three photos - blues and a vertical composition.

I took this photo this past father's day. Mike and I went to visit his dad who lives 30 minutes outside of the city. We took him to dinner but before that went fishing at a small forest preserve not too far away.

I should mention that Mike, his dad and I have a terrible fishing record. Whenever the three of us have gone, we've gotten skunked - not a single fish caught. That father's day was no exception. We had been fishing for about 45 minutes and I was getting restless. I hadn't even gotten a nibble, but I had reeled in about 10 pounds of weeds.
I brought my camera and so I took it out to see if I could get some cool macro shots. I did, but in the end I liked this photo best. It was taken as a storm was rolling in and cut our outing short. But that storm provided the good blues in this photo and ultimately was what got it on our wall.

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