November 9, 2008


This photo is the second in a series of three that hang on my living room wall. The first is this one.

I took this photo in Morocco, specifically in the town of Essouria. It was an extremely photogenic little Atlantic town. For more evidence, see here.

I took a bunch of shots of these boats. I loved their blues and greens. The composition of this one turned out the best though. These boats were so simple and really pretty even though I'm sure they all reeked of fish. Guess it's a good thing my photos are not scratch and sniff.

My next photo up, the third one hanging on my living room wall. I'll post it later this week. Stay tuned.


bcj. said...

This is really good. I'm looking forward to seeing the 3rd photo. Also like the tie-in of the blue door in the first shot and the blue boats.


Amy said...

Thanks! And you're totally onto my theme for these photos.

Dorrie said...

DUDE. why are you not a professional photographer? seriously! you've got the EYE, girl!