October 21, 2008

Photo Stories

One of the things I'm featuring with my new, sleek blog (thanks, Kelsa) is a spot to showcase some of my photos. Since I am showing them off, I think it only makes sense to explain what they are of and where I took them. So to begin, let's start with this one.

I took this photo in Morocco. We were a few days into the two-week trip. On this particular day we found ourselves in Moulay Idriss, a small, hilly town located on our way between the capital city of Rabat and one of Morocco's most populated cities, Fes.

Moulay Idriss was one of the more photogenic places we visited. This Moroccan town laced with winding, small cobblestone streets gave off more of a Italian or Grecian feel. I loved it. We walked up small streets and down smaller streets and were met with more small and winding streets at every turn. It was a wonderful little place to explore. Not knowing what lay beyond each curve or turn in the road lent to the feeling of discovery more so than tourism.

As we made our way up one street I looked to my left and there was a street meandering up and to the left. Everything on this street was tan and beige with varying shades of brown. The exception was a bright blue door at its end. It was beautiful and as soon as I saw it, it practically begged to be photographed.

This is of my favorite photos from my Moroccan adventure. I liked it so much that an 8x10 print of it is hanging matted and framed in my living room alongside two other photos I've taken. Chances are, I'll feature those at some point too.

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