October 22, 2008

Bipolar Vacationing

In two days Mike and I head west. We'll be spending a week with friends, who all reside west of the Mississippi. While I am incredibly excited for a week away from any office or home responsibilities, I am quite uncertain about one thing. I have no idea what to pack.

I am an over packer by nature. Really though, what woman is not. I tend to pack and repack and unpack and then cram things in at the last second. However, this trip will take more care and mental energy than usual. It is a trip of extremes. My and Mike's vacation is a two-part trip. The first part being 3 1/2 days in hot, arid Arizona. The second part being in 3 1/2 days in snowy, cold Colorado. We will be hiking in 90 degree heat one day and two days later skiing in the Rockies. One day we'll be lounging by a pool and a few short days later curled up by a fireplace. How is it possible to pack efficiently for a trip where you plan on wearing both a bathing suit and snow pants within the span of four days? I have never done a trip like this. Usually, I go to one place and generally face one type of climate.

I have not packed a thing yet. I like to call this procrastination. We will leave Friday right after work, so tomorrow is it in terms of packing opportunities. I cannot stall any longer. I will find a way to make it work because I can't ski in a bikini and I can't lounge by a pool in snow pants. Heck, if I can pack everything I needed for a two-week Moroccan vacation in one bag, I can certainly find a way to cram my bipolar belongings in two suitcases. Thank goodness I'll have Mike to carry them.

* Ed. Note: This trip also means posting will be non-existent until I return. Right in time for the election. So, in closing, vote! (In case I don't have time to say it before Nov. 4)

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