October 7, 2008

Still Trying

It was going good. And then it wasn't. I tried to recommit myself to a healthier life and a new gym a few weeks ago. I got four free passes, and I used three of them in one week. I really enjoyed being in a gym again (especially one that has individual TVs on the cardio equipment!). I was feeling really good about beginning to whip my butt back into shape. I went to two classes, used the cardio equipment and even tried my hands at some free weights.

And then the following week hit. I had plans to see a friends' new baby on Monday, fiddle class on Tuesday, Wednesday night I worked, and then I packed on Thursday night so I could head out of town for the weekend. My life got in the way.

Now I know that's not a real excuse. If working out was my priority then it would get done, regardless of my busy life. So while on a week when I had little going on, I was able to get to the gym. When I had a lot going on, it was not.

This week, it's been more of the same. I cannot get back to the gym until Friday, so that's when I'm going. Working out on a Friday night seems less than desirable, especially when contrasted with my and Mike's typical Friday night - pizza and a movie. But this getting back to the gym has to start somewhere. My somewhere is Friday night at the gym, and then hopefully again Saturday morning.

I should mention though that I was active this past weekend. So much so that my muscles were sore Sunday and Monday. Mike and I met my family at Gintaras Resort on Michigan's west side. With a six and an eight year-old nephew to entertain, my family was on the move. We held an impromptu family Olympic games. We played tennis, soccer, basketball, rode bikes, took walks and had a marshmallow fight on the beach. It was a ton of fun, but it left me sore. And remembering that it is indeed time to head back to the gym.

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