October 7, 2008

A Taxing Political Season

I am watching the second presidential debate right now. There is a lot of talk of taxes, and with so many figures being thrown around it is hard to determine how either candidate's tax plan will directly effect your wallet. I was reading of the many political Web sites I peruse these days, and I stumbled across a page about the candidates' tax plans. This Web site lays out in black and white how McCain's tax plan will benefit you versus Obama's. Check it out: http://www.electiontaxes.com/.

Plug in your numbers to see what the candidates will (or won't) do for your bottom line. Seeing as I own nothing nor am really invested in anything, this page was easy for me to fill out. If you happen to own things or have a lot of money invested, it may take you longer, but I think it is worth reviewing.

Also as a note, while watching the presidential debate I have this page open. It helps keep things light. Plus fodder is always fun and really goes hand-in-hand with politics.

1 comment:

kelsalynn said...

that's a cool website but I had to guess on some of the numbers.

I haven't watched the debate yet, we DVR'd it so hopefully I'll see it tonight or this weekend.