October 20, 2008

One Appealing Appetizer

I ate at a new brunch place this past Sunday with a good friend of mine. I am fairly well versed in the Chicago brunch scene, so somewhere new is cause for mild excitement. Brunch on a Sunday morning may be one of my favorite things in the entire world. Chicago has many a brunch establishment, and I am proud to say have eaten at more than my fair share. As far as dining goes, it ranks right up there with a fresh sushi dinner. In fact, I look forward to weekend visitors because it's almost a given that brunch will be included in the plans.

The brunch place of this past weekend, as I said, was one I had not been to before. I tried to go to Orange once before. The problem is that it's a small restaurant with an even smaller waiting area. When I previously tried to dine there, my friend and I were met with a 45-minute wait in the blustery cold. It was a rookie mistake. We went at the height of brunch hours, so given the weather and the wait we went somewhere else. Not this time though. My friend and I arrived at Orange at 9:00 a.m. I was delighted when we were seated right away. I had heard about Orange's orange infused coffee. It sounded intriguing, and it tasted just as good as I had hoped. There was something on the menu that I had not heard of, however. Luckily, my friend had and she got us a serving for two.

What was it, you ask? It was frushi. Fruit sushi. Before you turn your nose up like Mike did at my description, let me explain there is no fish. Just fruit set atop fruit juice-infused rice. It was delicious. How could I not love it, though. It combines two of my favorite dining options - sushi and brunch. It's worth a trip back, so to my next visitor, I hope you enjoy Orange's frushi as much as I do because we're going. Plan on getting there by 9:00 a.m.

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