November 9, 2008

A Little Distance

It was the last night of my and Mike's trip out west - night eight of not sleeping in our bed. At this point we had stayed in a full size bed for three nights, a king size for two nights and two very sleepless nights in a couple of reclining chairs. Our last night was spent at a Comfort Inn not too far from the Denver International Airport. I made reservations literally as we drove into town, so my criteria was simple. I chose it because it was the cheapest.

We checked in and as I opened the door I noticed it was a very nice room. And then I noticed there wasn't a king size bed, only two queens. My internal reaction was something along the lines of "awesome." I like sleeping next to Mike, but I was pretty stoked to have my own space.
Mike and I share a queen bed at home. The problem is before I moved in we each had domination over our own queen. Sharing Mike's bed night in, night out has taken some adjusting. He on occasion sleeps diagonally as if I'm not there. I, in turn, require approximately five times the amount of pillows Mike does to sleep. So yeah, there has been adjusting. Sure that last night in Denver we could have shared one queen, but we each took our own. Later while laying in Mike's bed watching TV, I looked up and asked if the room was OK, if he minded that we didn't have a king. "No way. This is awesome," he said, clearly agreeing that not sharing a bed was far cooler than sharing one. And it was. Mike could have slept lengthwise that night for all I know. Me, I was surrounded by a fortress of pillows.

Jump forward to this week and Mike and I once again will be sleeping in separate beds. He's in Atlanta on business. I'm left to tend to the home and care for our three needy, attention-seeking cats all by my lonesome. It will be a little strange. He left only seven hours ago and already it seems too quiet. I've been living with Mike for more than three months so my living alone days aren't so terribly far behind me. But it's different now. I've grown accustomed to living in Mike's place and having him here. Of course there will be perks due to his absence: the place will be cleaner, I can leave as many lights on as I want, turn the heat up as high as I want and sing pop songs at the top of my lungs while dancing in my PJs. That all will be kind of awesome. But it's at the expense of not having Mike to share my day with or accompany me during the morning train ride to work. I don't think the benefits out weight the drawbacks, even if I do get the queen bed all to myself. Well myself and three needy, attention-seeking, heat-stealing cats.

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kelsalynn said...

It's nice and hard at the same time, I agree. My first time away from Michael for an extended period of time was January 2008 when he went to Las Vegas for a conference and I stayed home. Then, just over one month later, I was moving 2,000 miles away from him. Talk about an adjustment! It will remind you how much you love and appreciate him, trust me!