December 1, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

While tooling around Colorado in our rented H3 Hummer, Mike and I saw a lot. We rented a room out in the mountains in the small town of Dilion, not too far from Keystone and Breckenridge. Driving from Denver into the mountains to south of Denver and then back again, we logged around 1,000 miles in our rented car during our four-day stay.

As we drove back and forth and back and forth again on I-70, Mike told me stories from his childhood. He spent part of his youth in Colorado. From his time in Colorado he came away with stories of camping the mountains, chasing and catching critters and playing pee wee football in the snow. He mentioned that one of the greatest things about growing up in that setting was the abundant wildlife.

On our first night in Colorado during the drive to Dilion we passed a herd of mountain goats. They looked amazing but we couldn't stop in time to get a picture. I spent the rest of our trip in the Hummer looking for more goats. It wasn't until our second to last day in Colorado, as we were driving by Vail, that we saw another herd. Mike did some maneuvering in the Hummer and got close enough for me to get some shots. This ram was the only one in the herd, but it worked because he was magnificently photogenic.

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kelsalynn said...

I can't believe you took that picture! It looks like something out of a wildlife magazine. It's seriously beautiful.

You really are a natural at photography. If I had taken that picture, I would have put the damn animal in the center, but then, it would have just been a picture of an animal. But you didn't center it so it's the animal in its natural setting and absolutely stunning. I don't think of that kind of stuff when I'm taking pictures, which is probably why none of mine turn out like yours!! =)