December 12, 2008

Grade A Winnings

Last night was my firm's annual Christmas party. It was held at a colorful, loud Latin restaurant just west of downtown. There was food there was drinking, there was dancing, general merriment, and of course presents. You can't have a Christmas party without presents.

The firm has always been exceptional at showing its appreciation for the support staff (all non-attorneys), but never more so than during the month of December. At the party, two of the top partners raffled off several prizes to the staff - $250 gift cards to various department stores, box seats to Cubs or Sox games, six month wine club subscriptions and the big one, two round trip tickets to anywhere in the continental U.S. Even though I did not attend the Christmas party last year, I still won something. I won meat. This year. I won something again.

I won meat.

Something I did not know about myself until last night? I have a knack for winning top quality animal by-products.

Mike won something too. He won an overnight stay in a downtown hotel and theater tickets. Something there got mixed up. Mike is not a theater goer. My mom took my sister and I to see The Phantom of the Opera before I hit my teens. And sure, I'll eat a steak here and there, but only if Mike makes it for me. Mike on the other hand, eats steak at least once a week. We're already negotiating trades. More than likely though, we'll end up dining on steaks together, seeing a show and sharing a hotel room - not necessarily all in the same day. So even though neither one of us won the prize that suited us best, together we cleaned up at the holiday party.


bcj. said...

Just think of it this way - your company saved you each the hassle of buying each other a gift!


Camels & Chocolate said...

I would be like you: What kind of "prize" is a hunk of dead animal???

Also, the only things I've ever won (aside from my blog banner!) are a size XL Seattle Seahawks jersey (am Titans fan) and a set of whitening treatments (have sensitive teeth, thus no whitening for me).