December 15, 2008

Stimulating the Economy, One Brookstone Purchase at a Time

I just bought two of mini helicopters (see photo) from Brookstone - the store of miscellaneous crap you don't really need. That may not be its official slogan, but it sure as heck should be with stuff like this and this and then of course this.

I was not at all in the market for toy helicopters, but Mike was. He almost bought one while we were in Radioshack the other day, but my quizzical, furrowed brow talked him out of it. However, when I got a reminder email from Brookstone yesterday regarding my $25 off gift card, I told Mike to see if there was anything he wanted. I bought Mike a really nice barbecue set this fall from Brookstone for his birthday, and thus began the multitude of Brookstone catalogs beings delivered to our home. With that BBQ tool kit also came a $25 gift card to use toward my next purchase, so long as it was made before Dec. 24.

Mike took a look through the miscellaneous crap we do not need at Brookstone and settled on this remote controlled helicopter. The kicker, though, was a deal for one at regular price or two at a discounted price. So of course, I got two. What's better than miscellaneous crap we don't really need? Double the miscellaneous crap we don't really need.

I already suspect the main use of these mini helicopters will be freaking out the cats. Because the loud noises, sudden movements and plastic bags that already scare the living piss out of them on a daily basis just aren't enough.

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