December 8, 2008

One Cat With Many Names

This here is Mozzarella.

Or Fruit Loop. Or Fatty Paddy. Take your pick. He goes by all three. Currently though, his alias is Fatty Paddy due to his very large mid-section. You can't tell by the photo, but he’s 85 percent belly.

He lives on Mike’s sister's farm in Wisconsin with fellow cats Smudge, Tiger and Whiney. Mike and I met Fatty Paddy the last time we were in town, but he stole our hearts again over Thanksgiving. And if we didn’t already have three good-for-nothing cats at home, Fatty Paddy would have been ours. It was really hard to look into his two-toned eyes and say no. I mean, look at that sweet, little precious face.

Fatty Paddy is an outdoor cat, and he's pictured here stealing some warmth on a chilly November day while nestled in Mike's coat.

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